Sitemap Creator 0.2 beta

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crawls/spiders your website XML sitemaps compatible with the standard protocol supported by , Yahoo!, MSN and MoreOver. The script pings , Yahoo!, MSN and MoreOver to download the sitemap , then tracks the bot and sends you an email on every scan to your Sitemap and gives you a full report of the respond.
Sitemaps are created from a CSV file which could easily be edited using any text editor before creating the sitemap. Sitemap Creator has three built in ranking mechanism which decide priorities of your pages depending on the number and the placement of link backs, crawled first links or URL structure. You can also the crawler by memory, run time or number of URLs.

    beta info
  • cURL is not needed anymore, all requests are processed through fsockopen.
  • Big fix to the link back ranking functions.
  • Limit crawler to a number of URLs
  • crawling specific directories or links. Regular expressions are supported
  • limit number of links to on start page

The script was tested on PHP5, let me know how it worked for PHP4 .
Online demo might be available on the next release.
Download (build 20080514) :