Sitemap Creator 0.1 : Create Sitemaps 0.9 valid for Google, Yahoo! and MSN Sitemaps

New Sitemap Creator 0.2a available

is a script making use of the
announced new standard SiteMaps protocol supported by , Yahoo and MSN. It creates sitemap..gz compressed for your Sitemap and pings Google,Yahoo! and MSN to come it. Additionally the script track the bot and sends an email on every scan to your Sitemap and gives you a full report of the Search respond. you can weather add your site URLs, priority and frequency manually into a text file or send an array containing the information needed to produce the Sitemap.
Script License: GPL
Download File :

  • added option to all output
  • fixed format
  • Very nice script! Thanks.

  • Raza Jaffri

    I am going to use your Sitemap Creator 0.1 script and just wanted some clarification:

    1. Which “password” is it asking in the config file?

    2. In .staticurls.txt how many URLs am I supposed to provide? Should I just provide the domain homepage URL and it will crawl the rest of the account itself, or should I enter all the urls manually?

  • @Raza
    1. The Password is will be required when you need to run generate the sitemap.
    2. you can add up to 50,000 URLs, all pages of your website under the same domain could be added. Crawling your website is not yet implemented on sitemap creator v0.1

  • Raza Jaffri

    Thanks for the reply. But your reply does not clarify “which” password is it asking.

    Is it my ftp password, my email password, or will it be a password for this script itself?

  • @Raza
    The password is for you to create and use inside the script, not a password you already have!

  • Himanshu

    Crawling your website? When do we hope that this facility will be included, wkarim? As I need this facility eagerly. Are you the maker of this script?

  • yes I have already created that, will be releasing in a day or 2. keep checking….

  • thanks very much for this program

  • A Sitemap serves as a directory by listing all the links to all documents and files found in a website. Is is like a book content or similar, where all the information is listed there.The benefit of having a Sitemap is basically to give good directions to Search Engine crawlers. It gives the spiders the correct information when certain keywords are entered in a search dialog.