Convert vBulletin DB encoding to UTF-8

great help @

these are the exact commands that worked for me

mysqldump -u VB_forum_DB --default-character-set=latin1 --opt --ignore-table=VB_forum_DB.customavatar --ignore-table=VB_forum_DB.customprofilepic --ignore-table=VB_forum_DB.picture --ignore-table=VB_forum_DB.socialgroupicon --ignore-table=VB_forum_DB.socialgrouppicture VB_forum_DB > VB_forum_DB.sql

mysqldump -u VB_forum_DB --opt VB_forum_DB customavatar customprofilepic picture sigpic socialgroupicon socialgrouppicture > VB_forum_DB_images.sql

iconv -c -f WINDOWS-1256 -t UTF8 VB_forum_DB.sql -o VB_forum_DB_utf8.sql

mysql -u VB_forum_DB  VB_forum_DB < VB_forum_DB_utf8.sql 

mysql -u VB_forum_DB  VB_forum_DB < VB_forum_DB_images.sql

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