Disqus problem with wordpress “unable to connect to the disqus api servers”

I recently installed Disqus plugin for WordPress; however, I have been receiving this message “unable to connect to the disqus servers.” By looking into the source , it looks like curl is the ! more specifically the _dsq_curl_urlopen() function, but I did not investigate this error further. As fortunately, we can easily switch to the alternative function _dsq__urlopen().

– open /wp-content/plugins/disqus-comment-system/lib/api/disqus/url.php and comment curl code :

 * Wrapper to provide a single   making an HTTP request.
 * Attempts to use cURL, fopen(), or fsockopen(), whichever is available
 * first.
 * @param	string	$url		URL to make request to.
 * @param	array	$postdata	(optional) If postdata is provided, the request
 *								method is POST with the key/value pairs as
 *								the data.
 * @param	array	$		(optional) Should provide associative array
 *								with two keys: name and field.  Name should
 *								be the name of the  and field is the name
 *								of the field to POST.
function dsq_urlopen($url, $postdata=false, $=false) {
	$response = array(
		'data' => '',
		'code' => 0

	if($) {
		extract($, EXTR_PREFIX_ALL, '');
	if(empty($_name) || empty($_field)) {
		$_name = false;
		$_field = false;

	// Try curl, fsockopen, fopen + stream (PHP5 only), exec wget
	if(function_exists('')) { 
		if (!function_exists('curl_setopt_array')) {
			function curl_setopt_array(&$ch, $curl_options)
				foreach ($curl_options as $option => $value) {
					if (!curl_setopt($ch, $option, $value)) {
						return false;
				return true;
		_dsq_curl_urlopen($url, $postdata, $response, $file_name, $file_field);
	} else if(ini_get('allow_url_fopen') && function_exists('stream_get_contents')) {
		_dsq_fopen_urlopen($url, $postdata, $response, $file_name, $file_field);
	} else {
		// TODO: Find the  condition for fsockopen() (sockets?)
		_dsq_fsockopen_urlopen($url, $postdata, $response, $file_name, $file_field);
	//open urls with fsockopen
	_dsq_fsockopen_urlopen($url, $postdata, $response, $file_name, $file_field);
	// returns array with keys data and code (from headers)
	return $response;

– A more compatitble way to do this is to connect using wp_remote_post.

**Update: The plugin was tested with curl 7.24, PHP 5.3.10 and Nginx 1.0.12.