Deploy a docker registry with letsencrypt certificates on Ubuntu 18.04

Deploy a docker registry with letsencrypt certificates on Ubuntu 18.04

Install a private docker registry on your cloud with letsencrypt certificates in a few easy steps. The shell script will install docker and letsencrypt, generate the certificate, then mount it to the docker registry. Additionally it will create a test user for basic authentication.

Ansible Golang Service

Ansible Golang Service

Ansible role for deploying and running a Golang binary as a systemd service

  • Copy the files into your playbook and set the service_name and base_path to your application.
  • The service uses rsyslog to create error.log and access.log.
  • Logrotate config included.
  • Handles Beego framework logging.

Golang send mail without authentication using localhost sendmail or postfix

This is an alternative to native SendMail() function that requires authentication in Golang. The function is part of Go Helpers library available on github.

Varnish 5.1 always online

Recently I posted about Varnish with secure AWS S3 bucket as backend and I wanted to have the “always online” enabled, meaning you can take the backend offline while serving from Varnish cache.

Install Solr as systemd with restart on failure

Using will install solr with a init.d file which will work well as a service but will not restart on crash. So this ansible script should install solr as a service using systemd:


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