get an array containing random integers between $min and $max integers

Trying to pick up keys from an but don’t want any duplicates?
try this

//returns an array of random keys between 2 numbers
function &UniqueRands($min, $max, $keys, $reset=true){
	static $returnme = array();
	if($reset) $returnme = array();
	//while is used to avoid recursive the whole function
	while(in_array($x = rand($min,$max),$returnme));
	$returnme[] = $x;
	//$keys are the number of random integers in the array
	//must not be more than the sub of max - min
	if($keys >= count($returnme) && count($returnme) <= ($max-$min))
	   UniqueRands($min, $max, $keys,false);
	return $returnme;
$rands = & UniqueRands(0, 100, 30); 
//with an array
$vararry = array('red', 'blue', 'green', 'yellow','black');
$rands = & UniqueRands(0, count($vararry)-1, 3);
foreach($rands as $x)
	echo "$vararry[$x],";