Start multiple programs with one click on windows

It is annoying how most installed programs set them selves in startup which you can then manually remove through
Startmenu -> run -> msconfig -> uncheck uneeded programs or services (services could be set to manually better than disabling it and has the same effect)
but then we need to start some favorite programs that we use often, that could be done as following

  1. text and name it ‘fav.bat’
  2. Open the file in notepad
  3. Type ‘start PATH’
    ‘start’ is a program that enables a user to start a separate window in Windows from the MS- prompt…more
    ‘PATH’ is the DOS short names – use ‘dir /x’ to get short names – to your exe you want to start it like ‘C:\Progra~1\thefol~1\favprog.exe’.

You can add as much programs as you like by adding new lines to the bat file.

of a bat file I use

start explorer D:\
start C:\Progra~1\Micros~2\OFFICE11\OUTLOOk.EXE
start C:\Progra~1\Mozill~1\firefox.exe
START C:\Progra~1\MSNmes~1\msnmsgr.exe
START C:\Progra~1\Winamp\winamp.exe
start C:\PROGRA~1\Trillian\trillian.exe

One last thing might be starting a with the same bat file which we can do through a very useful program called NirCMD you can get it here, then you can start services through the bat by this command
start C:\Progra~1\nircmd\nircmd.exe service start ServiceName
Another example

start C:\Progra~1\nircmd\nircmd.exe service start Apache2
start C:\Progra~1\nircmd\nircmd.exe service start MySQL
START C:\Progra~1\Macrom~1\Dreamw~1\Dreamweaver.exe
START C:\PROGRA~1\\ADOBEP~1\photoshop.exe
  • bback

    You don’t need to use the short name to invoke an program. But using
    start “c:\Program files\prog.exe”
    won’t work. Why? check ‘help start’! Start accepts a title for the cmd window as first parameter, title must be enclosed in “title”. To start a program with a long path, just use:

    start “” “c:\Program files\prog.exe”

    and it works! No hassling with short names!

  • Thanks for the tip bback 😉